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Trunk Show 411!

January 18th, 2013 | (0 Comments)

Gorgeous Liancarlo lace gown

Happy Friday!  We are in full trunk show mode and recently we have been talking a lot about trunk shows.  We had Monique’s Trunk Show last weekend and this weekend we have the amazing Liancarlo trunk show! However, this got us thinking and we realized not everyone knows what a trunk show is, what are the benefits and what to expect at one… Here is the 411:

What is a Trunk Show?

A Trunk Show highlights one particular designer collection.  Gowns from the designer’s newest collection are on display, it may even be the first time some of these gowns are in the store, along with gowns from the designer’s previous collections.

Why Shop During a Trunk Show?

There are a variety of perks to shopping for your gown during a Trunk Show.  Special “gifts” are often offered from the store as well as the designer such as a complimentary plain veil or pattern changes to your gown (which would normally have a fee attached).

Additionally, the designer or a top company representative may be in-store during the Trunk Show and will be available to personally assist with your selection.

Before Attending a Trunk Show?

We always urge brides to do their homework and have an idea of what they’re looking for before attending a Trunk Show.  Search online, shop around, try on various styles so you know what’s right for you.  Trunk Shows are not intended to be “pressure cookers” or stressful, but due to the limited time the dresses are in the store and the special event incentives, brides are urged to purchase the dress they fall in love with on that day.

When selecting Trunk Shows to attend, make sure you’re familiar with the designer being showcased.  During a Trunk Show, the store’s team likely will be open to showing you gowns from other designers, but the highlighted designer is definitely the focus of the event.

We hope you have a great weekend!  And for more information on this weekend’s Liancarlo trunk show, click here!


Liancarlo gorgeous gown

Liancarlo breathtaking pink & white gown

Liancarlo Beatuful bridal gown



We are absolutely thrilled with today’s announcement…  This weekend we have the Liancarlo Trunk Show at the store! In addition, we will be hosting Liancarlo’s designer Carlos Ramirez. He will be stopping by the store on Friday, Jan 18 and Saturday, Jan 19 to help brides fall in love with their perfect gown.   This collection is absolutely GORGEOUS, completely swoon worthy, so be sure not to miss this great opportunity!  For more details, click here.

But this is not all… we dreamed a dream… and we asked Carlos if he would also be our first Designer guest blogger!  All the stars aligned and he agreed!!! We are thrilled!  Here is what he told us:

What inspired this collection?

I got to spend some time in Venice, Italy this summer.  Part of that experience influenced how I approached this collection.  There is a misty, almost translucent quality to the light there, very different from the sharp strong light of South Florida.  I wanted the collection to have this sort of undefined translucency to it, nothing in the collection is in a sharp white, all the whites and creams and shell colors are misty and soft.  Also, to keep the translucent quality I worked primarily in tulles and laces.  The effect is a very subtle and ethereal effect to the gowns.  Where there is embroidery it is achieved with a thin pale silver thread or a Swarovsky crystal that just catches the light.


Do you have a favorite current bridal trend right now?

I am not big on bridal trends per se.  I think the essence of bridal should be a feeling of timelessness.  By this I do not mean period dressing, I am referring to dressing in a modern way that isn’t trendy and thus dated.  A few years back all the craze was colored sashes, today that already looks dated and its only been a couple of years, brides should avoid that.  Sometimes it’s a fine line between knowing how to dress with the times, but avoiding what becomes a defining look for a period.


 When it comes to choosing a bridal gown, what is the best advice/tip you can give a bride?

My best advice in choosing a gown is first know where you are getting married and what kind of an event you plan to have and then dress accordingly.  You are not going to wear the same thing if you are getting married on the beach in Cabo versus the St Regis in NY.  It makes a difference what kind of an event you are planning, is it outdoors? indoors? hotel? on the sand? in a ballroom? what you wear should  be in harmony with the theme of your event.

Secondly, once you know what look or feeling you are going for, find a style that works and enhances your figure.  Don’t get caught into trends that are not necessarily flattering on you.  That’s were a good sales person who is familiar with body types can be very helpful.  Finally, look in the mirror… Do you love it? Does it feel like you? Does it make you happy?  No one knows these answers better than you, trust yourself and go for it.  And stop looking.  Don’t become the obsessed bridal customer.  Yes, there may be other dresses out there in the future that would look good, but for that matter there may be other fiancés as well, at some point you’ve got to go with your feeling and move on to all the other aspects of the wedding.








Grecian inspired Jenny Packham Gown

And just like that Monday rolls around!  How was your weekend?  We had an action packed, amazing weekend!  Most importantly, we had our first 2013 Monique Lhuillier trunk show and it was just out of this world!  We met so many newly engaged brides, and we were able to be part of their process of finding the perfect gown.   We have to admit, it is just amazing to witness brides fall in love with their perfect gown… it is actually a true privilege!  Which is why we could not decline the opportunity of participating in Weddings Illustrated Expert Chat series.  Our very own Catherine Fox Milian will be chatting/tweeting with brides, grooms and industry professionals today, Jan 14 at 1PM EST!  Feel free to join as she will be answering wedding gown questions, from trends to accessories… In essence, how to choose the perfect wedding gown!  Gotta say, we are a bit nervous, but we can’t wait to share our thoughts!  Don’t miss it!
  • The hashtag that will be used is #WIExpertChat.They will be tweeting from @WIFlorida, and Catherine will be tweeting from @chicparisien.
  • To join:
  1. Before 1PM on Jan 14, log in to your Twitter account
  2. Click on this link:
  3. Authorize the app
For more details, click here!