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It takes a really chic bride to take her mother’s dress from 34 years ago and make it look this good! Or maybe it takes a really chic dress? In this case, both are true.

Real Chic Bride Johnette came back to Chic Parisien to shop for her wedding dress 34 years after her mother originally bought her gown with us. Not only did she find the perfect chic Lazaro dress for her own wedding, but she wore her mother’s dress for her engagement photos – with no alterations! She even took some lace off the jacket sleeves to make the headpiece! How ultra-chic is it to buy a dress that suits your style but take your mom’s dress and turn it into a family heirloom by making it a part of your wedding?

We hope Johnette’s creative take on her mother’s dress inspires other brides to revisit their mother’s gowns!

Check back here soon for pictures of the actual wedding!